Which Weird Early Modern Ruler Are You: A Buzzfeed Quiz

For one of the Web assignments this week, I created a Buzzfeed personality quiz about some of the weirdest rulers from Early Modern Europe. This assignment definitely warranted its star rating. I’ve taken a ton of Buzzfeed personality quizzes, and despite how much crap they get, this gave me a new appreciation for how hard these quizzes are to make. First, I had to read about how to make one. The first step, according to their guide, is to think of the answers to the quiz first. Makes sense, but it’s still a bit of work. I’m a huge history geek, of course, so that was my go-to. But I had to think of an area of history where I had a lot of knowledge. Unfortunately, even though I specialize in a few periods, I’m not an expert on the biographies of some historical figures, so I went with some of the more eccentric figures from the Early Modern era: King Henry VIII, Vlad the Impaler, Peter the Great, and Elizabeth Bathory. The real ground work was in finding some (mostly) accurate biographical info about them and finding images to accompany the questions. I had a lot of fun coming up with the answers. Check it out here!

One thought on “Which Weird Early Modern Ruler Are You: A Buzzfeed Quiz

  1. I think it’s great how you went with history figures for your quiz to make it interesting. You are right though quizzes are easy to critique and hard to come up with.

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