Week 3 Summary


Well, it looks like it was another difficult but interesting week. I think I’m getting the hang of this a little better. Unfortunately, I ran into some technical difficulties late in the week (had to have been the Russians again) and couldn’t access any of the blogs, the assignment bank, my own blog, etc. Needless to say that was kind of a sucky way to end the week that also put a big kink in my progress, but I had a lot of fun working on these assignments.


To be fair, I didn’t actually procrastinate (on purpose) this week. Being a senior comes with being swamped with other classes. That said, most of the time, procrastination helps me in a way, as confirmed in some studies.

Next I created my ideal *ehem* “throne room.”

For the blur daily create, I decided to play my favorite guitar, but was unfortunately unable to come up with a witty reference to this great song. 


As far as creating my spy character, Agent Roderick Rush, went, it was pretty taxing creatively, but I was pretty satisfied with it in the end. Watching and reflecting on Kingsman: The Secret Service and Mission: Impossible and Kurt Vonnegut’s advice on storytelling helped me come up with my ideal spy. While creating my bio and dossier, I looked back on all the spy characters and elements I wanted to use as inspiration, and some that I didn’t. My next writing assignment bank piece (which I ended up pretty happy with) expanded on my character’s story using a pretty interesting prompt.

On top of prepping the canvas for the rest of the semester and my own spy character, I was able to take some nice creative breaks to write an (admittedly bad) haiku about how bad I am at writing haikus and what my life would be like in medieval Europe.

Here’s looking forward to our next mission.

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