Pinterest Dream Vacation

For the Pinterest Dream Vacation assignment, I decided to find a few places that I’ve always wanted to visit and treat the trip as if money was no object. My board┬áincludes locations in Italy, Croatia, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Russia. A lot of people talk about wanting to visit countries in western Europe like France or Britain or Spain, and I would love to visit there as well, but in addition to visiting Italy and Germany (which are also pretty typical dream destinations), I definitely want to see some places in Central and Eastern Europe that don’t get as many tourists but are just as amazing.┬áNone of the countries I pinned speak English as their primary language, but there are English speakers and translators all around, and I speak enough Italian and a little German to get by. Visas and shots will also be required. Most of the countries are Schengen Treaty countries, meaning it’s much easier to cross borders from one to the other, but countries like Russia have more closed borders. In addition, I’d definitely have to learn a lot of the social customs of the countries so as not to come off as rude and to avoid confusion. Overall, though, I think it would be a perfect vacation.

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