Love at First Shot

These aren’t my birds, but they are definitely lovebirds. Blueberry (left) and Elsa (right) are two pretty young parakeets who’ve been living together for almost a year. From the second they met, they were hopelessly in love, and they found that their personalities complemented one another. Before they found each other, Blueberry was a rough-and-tumble street bird, either a run-away or tossed out, facing a cruel and unforgiving world where a buzzard or crow would swoop in and take ¬†your only food for the day faster than you could say “nevermore.” Elsa, on the other hand, was a pet store bird. Sure she was well taken care of and had friends, but she wanted more. She wanted freedom and she wanted love. When they met, they chirped and flew and nuzzled each other all day. It was like they were waiting for that moment for their whole lives.

Elsa and Blueberry now have a comfortable home with all the amenities they could ask for. They bicker every now and then, but most of the time, they can be seen kissing and flying around following each other. Here they can be seen about to “kiss” (a common parakeet mating ritual, where the male feeds the female with his beak). This is definitely #relationshipgoals.

I chose this picture because, while it’s not of two people, it still tells the story. I especially liked the symmetry of it, the balance of color, and the way that the two birds are facing opposite directions while turning their heads toward one another. It’s a more unexpected response to the assignment prompt while still being a decent photograph.

One thought on “Love at First Shot

  1. Obviously I love this because they’re my birds. The way you told their story was totes adorbs. Out of all the Love at First Shot couples I’ve seen, they definitely look the most in love.

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