Advice to Future ds106ers

There’s a lot to say about this class. It was stressful, it was fun, and it was cool. Even if you just needed an elective credit, like I did, it’s really worth it. I learned so much I otherwise never would have, and the creativity on part of Professor Bond, his collaborators, and the other students was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. This class will push you, but it’s also a great balance between “left-brained” and “right-brained” thinking that will produce awesome stuff. Besides BUDGETING YOUR TIME for the SAME AMOUNT OF WORK AS A FACE-TO-FACE CLASS, my main piece of advice is this: when it comes to your radio show, plan, plan, plan, and plan some more. Something will go wrong. In the case with my group, most of our technical problems happened at the very end when doing the final edits and uploading, which meant that we had to turn in our work a little late. It’s an online class, so it’s very hard to meet with your other group members and to find a time when everyone is available to outline the show, let alone actually recording anything. The key is to plan everything out as much as you possibly can, and do whatever you can in the show as early as you can. The radio show is DIFFICULT. But in the end, you can make something really awesome. You can listen to my group’s show here:

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