House Hawkins

For my third assignment, I decided to do the Create a Game of Thrones House assignment from the visual assignments. Game of Thrones is definitely one of my favorite shows (PS – all of your fan theories are probably wrong), and as a huge nerd for medieval history this assignment also attracted me from the start. HBO luckily provides this nifty tool to create your house sigil. There are a LOT of combinations of text, background layouts, colors, and emblems to use (you can be pink cupcake on a yellow and blue sunburst background, for example). Coming up with my motto was one of the more difficult parts of this, but I chose a Latin approximation for “liberty or death.” I chose to use alternating birds and bows and arrows for my emblems. The sigil actually looks fairly similar to actual medieval sigils that knights would put on their shields, banners, and surcoats. When I was fairly little, I started getting into etymology, heraldry, and genetics, and I found out my family name is English and comes from the profession of “hawking,” or hunting with hawks, so I thought it was pretty cool and fitting. I wasn’t super satisfied with the way HBO’s tool works (it’s kind of buggy) and it wasn’t as personalized as I wanted it, so I messed with it a little in Photoshop. I turned the birds and bows inward to face each other so the overall design didn’t look too repetitive/boring. I’m pretty big into graphic design and art as well, so this was   a super fun assignment for me.

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