When and Where Would You Live?

If I could choose any time and place to live, I would probably pick somewhere in Europe in the 13th century. I am a huge nerd for medieval history, so I would probably love it. Ideally, I would live in a castle or defensible manor, where I would eat roast pheasant in my awesome dining hall with a super long table lit by torches and candles while my servants tested my food for poison and refilled my solid gold goblet with ale. Then, when the time came, I would probably have to skirmish with other local lords and nobles. I would obviously ride my trusty steed everywhere and own an awesome sword and an array of other kick-ass weapons including but not limited to bows, morning stars, hammers, halberds, and axes. On weekends I would go to church and admire the incredible Gothic architecture and stained glass windows as they were meant to be seen. Conversely, there would definitely be a lot of drawbacks. People in the Middle Ages were surprisingly clean compared to people in the Early Modern period (e.g., people in the Middle Ages actually bathed pretty often whereas someone like Isaac Newton probably thought bath water gave you the plague), so that would be nice, but I’d also have to go the bathroom in a chamber pot or a hole in the ground. And there’d be a huge change that I’d die of some plague or the common cold at the age of 45. And I would have to deal with rabidly nationalistic hyper-religious elites hell-bent on stealing land and natural resources from the Middle East in the name of western civilization (ha ha ha ha ha). But all in all, living at any point in history would probably suck to some degree, and medieval Europe would at least be cool and interesting.