Behind the Scenes of Breaking Bond: Week 14 summary

Breaking Bond was a tough assignment, as it should have been, but it was a lot of fun. Megan Carey, A.K.A. Agent Annabella Smith, and I made an awesome final. We basically organized our final as a story with different journal updates throughout the semester. The premise we chose was that Professor Bond was up to some kind of espionage, and our spy characters were going to get to the bottom of it. In week one we decided on a few specific assignments to put in our final as pieces of “evidence” or “intelligence” to support the story (whatever it was going to be).


Most of the work was trying to come up with a solid story to fit the premise. It took a surprising amount of thought. It’s a long story as to how we got there, but we decided that the plot of our story would be our agent characters (our covers being students, of course) investigating Professor Bond and finding out he was at the head of an illegal pure maple syrup operation, sort of like Breaking Bad. We got together and sort of storyboarded the journal entries and what types of assignments we would put into them. We both worked together on making a promotional poster parodying Breaking Bad, which took a little more time than expected. I took on the responsibility of writing the journal entries and creating a Google MyMap interactive map tracking the locations of Professor Bond’s mysterious private jet. Megan took on the responsibility of creating Professor Bond’s fake Canadian passport and in taking the “lab” photographs. The assignments took about a week to complete, especially amidst a lot of other preparations for finals and papers and presentations for other classes. It took a ton of thought and work and time, but I hope you find it as cool and as funny as we both did in making it.

The same kind of went for my group’s radio show, which was the topic of my advice to future ds106 students:

Advice to Future ds106ers

ds106 Ultimatum Plan

Agent Annabella Smith [Megan Carey] and I will be working together to compile a dossier and build a case against Professor Bond and catch him conspiring with the Russians. As of yet, for the final mission, we plan on compiling a journal of sorts of our encounters and escapades as we try to track down and expose the plot being formulated by the nefarious Professor Bond. We don’t exactly know yet what he’s up to or who else is involved in this plot, but we’re planning on including several pieces of evidence to support the case as we go along. In addition to narrative accounts of the story, these pieces will probably include things like audio clips of discreetly gathered conversations (audio assignments), documents like passports linking Professor Bond to espionage activists (design assignments), maps that track Professor Bond’s travels throughout the world (web), photos of locations or people connected to the story (visual) and many others. We plan on splitting the workload evenly with respect to each of our strengths and collaborating on the plot of the mission.

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Week 11 Summary

Week 11 proved pretty difficult for me. Due to some extenuating circumstances, I was unable to really do the whole week’s worth of assignments, but what I did end up doing I was pretty happy with, even if it means not getting the full grade. Creating the Hugh Jackman highlight reel was a lot of funny especially, despite the time it took meticulously downloading and trimming clips. Besides the time-consuming elements of that assignment, the other difficulty I had in was just in choosing the assignments and brainstorming ideas. It was fairly difficult to actually balance the spy theme and to use it in a video and to make one with whatever theme I wanted. Not too many of the assignments in the video category really lend themselves to it, so it was more of a challenge to think unconventionally. I don’t know what category will be assigned next week, but I’m looking forward to it. Three more weeks!

James Bond Chipmunked

The Career of Hugh Jackman