The Career of Hugh Jackman

For the Favorite Actor/Actress Highlight Reel, I decided to make a supercut, more or less, of Hugh Jackman’s acting career up to this point (from the 90s up to 2017). From his first television appearance in Law of the Land, an Australian show, to 2017’s Logan, I wanted to show his diversity as an actor and his evolution. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really include much of Jackman’s material on stage. Until 2000’s X-Men, Jackman was primarily known as a dramatic stage actor, which did land him film roles like Kate and Leopold and Les Miserables, but the first reactions to the casting news that he would be playing Wolverine were pretty negative. By the end, of course, we all know that Jackman was born to play Wolverine, and that he was absolutely perfect in Logan, but that he has a range that is very rare for a Hollywood actor. I also thought it was pretty entertaining to see him go from a young guy in a goofy television series to this grizzled badass that we all know and love.

Creating this video actually took a good amount of work. First, using IMDb as my guide, I picked what I thought was a good range of roles over his career so far. I avoided using some of his more negatively received performances (but I couldn’t help but add his performance from Pan in, since it was just so cheesy and the makeup was too weird not to include). Finding clips also proved fairly difficult. For example, I wanted to find a clip form another Australian television series he did when he was in his 20s called Snowy River, which he shot sometime between Law of the Land and X-Men, but there are very few clips available showing him in the show, despite his being one of the main characters. Downloading and then importing the clips into iMovie was pretty time consuming, but by far the most time-consuming element was trimming each clip down to a suitable time that also showcased something about his role in the film. I also had a little added technical difficulty with iMovie’s credit sequence preset. Despite all this, and despite making it a little too long for the assignment guidelines, I liked this quite a bit and had a lot of fun making it.

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